Saints Row 4 & State Of Decay Banned In Australia

It seems the fun police are out again in Australia. With a big game like Saints Row 4 being refused classification, which in turn means it cannot be sold.
To have a R18+ rating and to say to gamers over 18 that this game is not suitable is a slap in the face. I know the difference between video games and real life.
I know right from wrong and good from evil. In a zombie game you go around killing the zombies and humans alike. I am not suddenly going to go on a rampage in real life.
I understand the reasons for the ACB (Australian Classification Board) to ban(I hate that word) this game.  The argument was that what was happening in the game wasn’t in context.
Lets assume these people understand the  game is made up (apparently they don’t). A logical conclusion is context is only applicable to real life situations.  You can’t say a certain weapon that resembles a male appendage in Saints Row 4 is right in any context. The game essentially takes what we as players are used to and mixes in a large dose of  incongruous yet laughable grotesque humor.

If that wasn’t bad enough another game called State Of Decay was also refused classification. For reasons I find even harder to understand.
The reasons are: “it contains the option of self-administered drugs throughout, in order to restore players’ health or boost their stamina.
Now last time I checked the ACB likes in game actions to be in context. So if I am injured by a gunshot or zombie attack and I am low on health, it is logical I would use some type of medication to heal myself. Seeing it has been a zombie apocalypse there aren’t to many health professional around to administer medication to me, so in turn I self medicate. In context, I think so.

Blatant hypocrisy on behalf of the ACB. To ban one game for a specific reason then do the opposite to another.