Games Being Treated Like Second Class Media + Grand Theft Auto V

The title may not be as clear as I wanted, but it caught your eye and are now subsequently reading this. What I meant is gaming as a whole or put in more appropriate term the “Gaming Industry”. You may be wondering what I mean, or if you watch my videos know that maybe I am a little bias towards my opinion on this. But in terms of entertainment the main formats are movies, TV shows, games and youtube.  (Only including audio and visual media). Over the recent years people have woken up to the fact that games make enormous amounts of money (e.g Halo and Call Of Duty franchises). Yet I feel it is still treated like the younger sibling to the more main stream and established formats like movies and TV shows. Why is this?

I bring this up as Grand Theft Auto V is only one week away, and Rockstar have apparently revealed production costs for the game. The figure is mind blowing, but Rockstar will easily make it all back. According to WCCFTech sources it is $265 Million Dollars. That is Hollywood high budget movie territory. It is even more exspensive than James Cameron’s masterpiece “Avatar”, to put it into perspective. That is astonishing yet many people still snub the thriving gaming industry. The music and movie industry’s have stumbled in relation to the disc versus digital download , but I personally don’t think the same has happened to the gaming industry.  Valve and Steam have blazed the pathway for digital downloads of games and more recently software and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

I have already paid and awaiting GTA V, it is going to be epic. It will make the Xbox 360 go out with a bang. As it will probably be the last game I and many other people buy for the Xbox 360.

GTA V – Source:  WCCFTech