Anti Troll Technology Used By Xbox One

troll_xbox_oneIn an slightly intriguing story, it seems Microsoft is going to overhaul the dysfunctional reputation system. Yes, the one where you report somebody who is clearly doing the wrong thing and seemingly never gets punished.
In an interview for the Official Xbox Magazine, Microsft’s senior product manager Mike Lavin esseinetlay said “It will be better than the current system, so those who do the wrong thing will be punished.”  (I parahphrased that a fair bit).

Lavin stated, the new system which will replace the 5 star system and will be able to better identify the small percent of trouble makers.  He then said that the people with poor reputations will be matched up with others with similar reputations. That almost sounds like a funny game to watch. Two teams of abusive and troublesome players going head to head.

By now you would be wondering, “Oh but what happens to a person when a whole lobby reports a good player who is just playing and minding his/her own business”. Well it seems the system according to Mr Lavin will understand this and not have any effect on a legitimately good players reputation. It is more of a progressive system, were over time a player gets reported, blocked, disciplined the reputation will take these into account.